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AWR Support QLD Coaches

Allies for Women in Queensland recently supported two Queensland female coaches with subsidies to attend the recent Level III Coaching Course in Canberra.

Congratulations Maddy Pakiela and Karlie Greenland.

Maddy started coaching in 2017 at Brisbane Boys Grammar with a Head of River win in her maiden year! She has coached various school crew since and has also coached successful junior athletes at National level through Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club. In 2023, Maddy was rewarded with a coaching role in the Queensland Schools Pathway squad.

Maddy enjoys coaching female athletes at all levels, particularly watching them make leaps and bounds in their rowing and has aspirations to coach at Olympic level.

Karlie has been coaching since 2019. She has been involved with College Rowing program at UQ and in 2023 she started coaching youth squad at Commercial Rowing Club. Her goal and aspiration are to focus on impaired athletes and work with them to achieve their goals on national and international level.

According to her colleague Dave, Karlie is a really calm and patient coach. She always finds new ways how to describe and explain things to athletes and always seeks for more knowledge about the sport.

During the week in Canberra, Maddy and Karlie stayed at the Australian Institute of Sport, hearing from a number of coaches about their individual coaching styles and well as learning about technique correction, biomechanics and testing.

“This was such a valuable course and a great opportunity to further develop as a coach and we encourage more of our female coaches to apply for this course next year,” Maddy said.

We are looking forward to following Maddy and Karlie’s coaching journeys.

The next coaching course in Queensland is Level II in Brisbane on 28 November 2023.

AWR will be supporting two coaches who support the development of female rowing in Queensland with a 50% subsidy. If you would like to apply for that subsidy, please email with a brief coaching CV and your coaching aspirations/goals.